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Celebrate National BBQ Month at Woodview at Legacy Farms


Woodview at Legacy Farms Blog, Hopkinton, MA  Invite your loved ones to celebrate National BBQ Month this May or embrace summer with good food by using these ideas to throw the perfect BBQ at our apartment community.


May is the perfect time for throwing a barbecue (BBQ, for short), and Woodview at Legacy Farms conveniently provides just the spot to do so here in Hopkinton, MA. Just steps from your apartment you can use our BBQ area with a fire pit to entertain guests and celebrate National BBQ Month this May or the rest of the summer. Today we have ideas for everything you need to celebrate this month long holiday successfully this season.



The star of your BBQ, food will be on everyone’s mind on a warm summer day. Provide BBQ favorites like burgers, steak, and hot dogs, or vary it up a bit with some other options. We love the 24 creative main dishes for a crowd-pleasing BBQ from The Kitchn and the idea to use veggies and tofu for vegetarian-friendly kebabs. We also found this pineapple and pork teriyaki skewer recipe from Saveur that has our mouths watering.


Include side dishes, like salads, fruits, vegetables, and chips, to round out the meal. Ease the burden from yourself for providing and paying for all the food and drink by asking some attendees to contribute, or by making the entire BBQ a potluck.



Water is the perfect beverage for a hot summer’s day — your body needs it for hydration, after all! Be sure to have plenty handy for all your guests, especially because some people prefer it over other drinks. But if you want to make something extra, complete your drink selection by including these 18 summertime lemonades or sodas in the roundup.


Utensils and Comfort Items

These are easy to forget, so gather all the utensils, serving spoons, plates, cups, napkins, and trash bags together so you can easily transport them and use them at your BBQ. Extra items to include for your and everyone’s comfort would be bug repellant and blankets, especially if you’re having your BBQ in the evening.



Games and activities are fun ways to get everyone interacting with each other and to help you stave off the lethargy as the good food settles in. Bring along a frisbee, a few decks of cards, or games people can play on their phones, like Heads Up! (for iPhone and Android).


What are your favorite foods for a perfect BBQ or games for a fun way to wind down from the busy day of cooking and eating? Share your thoughts with the rest of us by leaving your ideas in the comments below. Enjoy, and happy National BBQ Month!